What is a "Codice Fiscale" and How To Obtain it

General Information

The Codice Fiscale is an official personal identification number used in Italy. You will need it for many things, such as getting an Italian phone number, internet contract, or public transportation card. It is also piece of information that must be included in rent contracts so that they may be registered with the government, which is obligatory for all rent contracts. The registration protects both you and the landlord; making the conditions of the rent contract fixed for the entire duration of your stay. The Codice Fiscale is easy, fast, and free to obtain. You will find instructions on how to obtain it below.
How To Obtain the Codice Fiscale

Fill in a one-page application form, and submit a photocopy of your national ID (applicable only for EU citizens) or passport and visa to Italy (if applicable).

You may download the application form here:

  • Form in Italian
  • Form in English
  • Form in Spanish
  • Form in French
  • Form in German

  • You may download an example of a filled-in application form here:

  • Example Form
  • Where to Obtain the Codice Fiscale

    You may apply for the Codice Fiscale at any office of the Italian tax authorities (Agenzia delle Entrate) anywhere in Italy; or at any Italian embassy or consulate abroad.

    Please note that the Codice Fiscale is given out immediately upon successful application at offices of the Agenzia delle Entrate; however applications made at Italian embassies or consulates abroad are subject to variable waiting times. Please consult your local Italian embassy or consulate to understand their estimated waiting times.

    If you are applying for the Codice Fiscale in Milan, then you may do so at any of the offices of the Agenzia delle Entrate listed at the following link:

    Agenzia delle Entrate Offices in Milan

    We generally recommend that you apply at the central office, as that office is generally most used to dealing with international people. The office is located at:

    Agenzia delle Entrate Via della Moscova 3

  • Opening Hours:
  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8:30 – 13:00
  • Tuesday, Thursday 8:30 – 15:30
  • By When to Obtain the Codice Fiscale

    The Codice Fiscale must be included in the full rent contract; and the Codice Fiscale is necessary for the full rent contract to be registered with the Agenzia delle Entrate.

    For this reason, please make sure to obtain the Codice Fiscale and communicate it to us at least one day before your move in date. If we do not receive your Codice Fiscale on time, then you will not be able to move into your apartment on your preferred date. You will only be able to move into the apartment once you have obtained the Codice Fiscale.
    Make Sure that your Codice Fiscale is Valid

    Your Codice Fiscale will be valid only and exclusively if it is released by the Agenzia delle Entrate, or an Italian embassy or consulate. This is as the Agenzia delle Entrate must log your personal information into their database while generating your Codice Fiscale. Any Codice Fiscale calculated with an online calculator, calculated by your school, or generated in any other unofficial way is not valid. Please make sure that you send us your Codice Fiscale certificate or card, which you will receive from the official body that has given you your Codice Fiscale.

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