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Verified Tenants

We believe that a good relationship between the landlord and the tenant is the fundament to a great, secure rental. For this reason, we make sure to find out as much as possible about our tenants before presenting them to you. The majority of our tenants are international students or young, international, working professionals.

You can see examples of the information we request from our tenants by visiting our Request to Rent Page.

Support for Tenants

We understand that moving to a new country or new city may be a challenge, and even daily things can be difficult and puzzling. For this reason, we do not leave our tenants alone once they have signed a rent contract with you. We support and help our tenants in resolving technical issues in their houses, guide them along administrative aspects of their arrival, and explain even the simplest workings of life in Italy, such as how to pay electricity bills. All this so that your relationship with your tenant is as smooth as can be.

You can see examples of the information we give our tenants by visiting our Help and Technical Support Page.

Continuous Renting

We do not wait for your apartment to be empty to begin advertising it. We advertise apartments for rent from future dates as soon as we know when the current tenant will be leaving, so as to have the most time to look for your next tenant. In this way, we seek to minimize the time between the departure of your current tenant, and the arrival of the new tenant. Our goal is to make sure that your apartment is rented for as many months in a year as possible, so that you maximise the rent payoff of your apartment.

You can see examples of how we advertise apartments available from future dates by browsing our listings.

Do not hesitate to contact us if your apartment is currently rented. We will be happy to begin working with you at any point in time, also if your apartment is free only months from today.

Contract, Legal, and Tax Help

We are experts in everything that concerns renting your apartment, and we will gladly assist you in preparing the most robust rent contract for you, and offer our legal and fiscal advice so that you feel most comfortable with your rental. We will also be happy to assist you in all official processes during the course of your rental, such as the registration of the rent contract.

You can read an example Draft Preliminary Agreement and Draft Rent Contract that we use.

If you have any questions regarding Italian rent contracts or rental laws, feel free to ask us.

Long Term Rentals

We will be happy to look for a tenant for only a few months; or for a year or longer. We believe that renting your apartment on a long-term basis is by far the best choice you can make for your rental. It will enable you to have the maximum rent yield from your property, and let you enjoy your income hassle-free. Once your tenant lets us know when they will be leaving, we will happily start looking for your new tenant right away.

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