Rent Contract Requirements

We are happy that you would like to rent your next house in Milan with us. On this page, you will find the list of information and documents that we will need from you in order to start preparing a rent contract for you for your house.

Information Required

1. Reference number of the house you are about to rent
2. Name and surname
3. Email address
4. Phone number
5. Permanent residence address
By Italian law, rent contracts have to contain the permanent residence addresses of the landlord and the tenant. If you will be moving your permanent residence address to your new house, please provide your current permanent residence address. This may be a foreign residence address.

Documents Required

1. National ID or passport
2. Visa to Italy, if applicable
3. Codice Fiscale
The Codice Fiscale is a simple tax code which you will need for many things in Italy, such as getting a phone contract, and registering the rent agreement. It's fast to obtain - you can get it at an office of the Italian tax authority (Agenzia delle Entrate) once you arrive to Milan, or at an Italian embassy or consulate abroad. The code is given out immediately and for free. We will provide you with a detailed description on how to obtain it once you're in Milan. If you do not yet have a Codice Fiscale, don't worry. We will only need it within 5 days of your move into your new apartment, so you may provide it to us at a later date.

4. Purpose of stay
A document stating your purpose of stay in Milan, such as a university admission letter; an employment contract, or a letter of intent.

5. Financial references
Document that shows your ability to cover the rent payments on an ongoing basis. We do not require a specific document from you. Some commonly used documents are eg. work contracts, tax returns, bank statements, bank letters of guarantee, etc. which may come from you, or from a person who is covering your expenses.

If you do not yet have all your documents ready, please send us the documents that you have ready for now, and you may send us the rest of your documents later on. You can easily submit your information and documents to us by pressing the button below to get to the submission form.

Submission Form
Contact us
Do you have questions about the contract requirements? Contact us and we will be happy to help.

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